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I’m Angelina, I train dogs

When I adopted a 14-year-old Boxer-Staffy-Mix from the animal shelter 2,5 years ago, I got a dog who was highly aggressive towards other male dogs and showed passive-aggressive behavior towards men. This was dangerous and unacceptable (for a future office dog).

With an intense independent study of canine behavior, academic research on how a dogs brain work and my highly developed ability to empathize I turned him into my partner. I learned his language and I learned how to communicate with him. 6 weeks after his adoption he became a well trained, obedient and happy ready-for-the-office dog.

Since then I have been continuously improving my knowledge about dog training and worked with many different dogs in Germany.

I taught people for example how to make their dogs riding happily in the car, how to make them stop chewing sneakers, how to walk their dog off lead and I provided advise which dog breed / which rescue

dog will fit best in their lives when the decision of homing a dog was made. In 2017 I worked several months with street dogs in Lao and a couple of months with dogs in animals shelters in Thailand to get them ready for adoption. Now I am continuing my work in New Zealand and I’m happy to help and support you to learn your dog’s language to have a more relaxed life together as one of many results.


Turn Your Pet into a Partner?

Yes, that is exactly what I would like to help you with. And the result will be awesome!

Manage your struggles on your own. Have a more relaxed life together.

When your dog is your partner, you will almost have none of those typical struggles left. Which struggles? Pulling on the lead, not being able to be alone, biting the vacuum cleaner, being

afraid of bits and pieces, preferring not to come when you call for him… (big list!).

All those situations have in common, that you do not communicate properly, you do not speak the same language.

I will translate your dog’s language for you so that you learn how to respond appropriately in a way which in turn is easy for your dog to



So when do we call someone a partner in life? When you love each other, when you care for each other and when you are able to communicate with each other. Of course, you love your dog and you care for him. Let’s make it complete and grow fluent in your dog’s language.

Let’s turn your pet into a partner!


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Angelina Marina Behrendt


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