dog language!


3 phases for a successful dog training session

Boost your progress by applying these 3 phases to your training

Changing Abby’s guarding behaviour – Part 1

Read here about how we set the frame to change Abby’s guarding behaviour.

Dax, Abby & Baxter – the sweetest trio of Kits

Abby, Baxter & Dax and how emotional attunement brought us together.

Attuning to our dogs emotions

Attuning to the emotions of our dogs help us understand what they need.

10 things to teach your puppy

Help your pup becoming a relaxed and happy dog early on!

Ear care routine

Responsibly take care of your dog’s ears following these 6 easy steps.

Help! My dog is jumping at me.

Read here what you have to take into account to make your dog stop jumping up at you.

Help! My dog is not tolerating ear care

That’s how you easily make your dog tolerating the important ear care routine.

Selfmade chicken treats

Healthy Chicken Treats for 14 days in only 20 minutes – clever in nutrition and easy on the budget.


Communication is key! Whatever your dog shall learn or unlearn, you wanna understand dog language first. Are you a newbie to dog training or a pro? I’m happy to meet you wherever you’re at, teach you how to speak & understand dog and take your dog’s training to the next level.

Dog Training

LOVE. PATIENCE. CONSEQUENCE. FUN. Based on these essential pillars of dog training, I help you train your dog regarding your specific situation. With non-violent, force-free and modern training methods I achieve a sustainable change in your dog's behaviour. Your dog will love the training!

HOW THAT WORKS  I’m happy to meet you and your dog and get to know the both of you a little – every dog is a unique character, as well as every human being. That’s why each human-dog-team needs a very own strategy. For a sustainable change in behaviour and a long-term progression, you can count on my support!


Character & Behavior Analysis

Jack Russel Terrier

Individual Training Methods

Jack Russel Terrier

Support & Progression

Dog Training Services


walk + training

daycare + training

housesit + training


I'm Angelina - it's nice to meet you!

I'm Angelina - it's nice to meet you!

I am a dog trainer because I turned my passion into a career. In my opinion, it is something very precious to share a certain part of one’s life with a dog. If you learn how to read your dog’s language and how to make yourself understandable to him/her, training and living together will get so much easier and even more awesome. 

I’m passionate about teaching people dog language so that they eventually will be able to solve any issues with their dogs on their own. Also creating a training that suits people’s everyday life is important to me, I feel this increases the fun and joy of living with a dog.


Julia & Leonie

“Leonie (…) always refused to ride in the car, even entering the garage wasn’t possible for her.”

René & Charell

“We needed a dog trainer because it has been impossible to walk her off the lead. .”

Josephine & Oscar

“Oscar (…) never seemed to be tired at all. He started to cry or make other noises to get my attention.”



Tell me what you would like your dog to learn or unlearn!


I’m sure we can turn the struggle into a strength.

12 + 11 =

Got something to work on?

Angelina Behrendt

@ Vancouver, Canada


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