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I’m Angelina, I train dogs

In my opinion, every dog is a therapy dog. No matter what dog you have and how he found his way into your life, I’m convinced that training him will help you become a more authentic version of yourself. With that in mind, there is only one way to sustainably train a dog and further develop his and your true self:  100% force-free and based on positive reinforcement only.

It is a heart desire of mine to raise awareness for the language our dogs speak and how to understand it in order to effectively communicate with our dogs. Communication is key for every signal, for every ‘yes’ and ‘no’, for literally every training. One who is capable of understanding dog language can see and experience themselves the immediate and longterm success that positive reinforcement-based training has and the love & trust that blossom from it.

I chose to become a dog trainer because I experienced myself what  speaking the same language paired up with modern, scientific training methods can do.

Back in 2015 I adopted an old Boxer-Staffy cross from a shelter in Berlin. This beautiful soul changed my life entirely. Karlito had experienced a lot of terrible things before I met him, he even had been returned to the shelter twice. His trauma-response showed up in passive-aggressive behavior towards men and some other dogs. I could easily see and feel that my dog was covering up a deep routed fear with this behavior. I wanted Karlito to stay with me and to live the happy life free from fear 

he always deserved. I couldn’t have had any greater motivation to dive deep into dog training.

As a successful law graduate and project manager, working diligently through scientific literature,  research and studies has been coming easy to me, hence I began my intense and independent study of canine behaviourism. Together with my highly developed empathy skills, I discovered my passion and talent for working with dogs. Karlito became a fearless and friendly office dog and I got the chance to listen to and to follow my heart and do what truly brings me joy and to become a more authentic version of myself.

woman with dog at the sea
Angelina trains young dog
Got something to work on?

Angelina Behrendt

@ Vancouver, Canada


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