I’m Angelina

I choose to work as a dog trainer because it fills my heart with joy to see people bonding even deeper with their dogs when behavioural issues are being resolved.

Certified dog trainer

Certified in canine 1st aid

Certified in rehabilitation & prevention of dog aggression

Legal permit to train dogs

My Story

Adopting my old dog Kalitu changed my life thoroughly for the better.

Back in 2015 I adopted a 14 yo Boxer-Staffy cross from a shelter in Berlin. Kalitu had had a tough past, his trauma-response showed up in fear-based aggressive behavior (lunging and biting) towards some men and some other dogs.

My love for this dog was a powerful fuel to dive deep into dog training to be able to sustainably meet my dog’s needs for safety, guidance, exercise and play. And love.

Kalitu turned into a confident and friendly office dog who lived his best life until 17 years of age.

We rescued each other: I quit my old job, travelled the world and worked with heaps of shelter dogs, street dogs & together with people and their sweet fur faces in Asia, New Zealand, South America, Central America and Canada. Kalitu taught me more than I could ever put into words. 💚


My Mission

I want to help people understand their dogs even better, to effortlessly read and speak their language. And to experience how our dogs express their feelings. Great communication is the foundation for any training and will elevate the human-canine love and bond to a whole other level.

My Vision

My heart beats for animals, for these magnificent and wise creatures. All animals feel. And all communicate. Through deeply understanding and feeling the most domesticated animals, our dogs, I hope to increase human sensitivity for other animals. For how they feel, how we treat them and for how incredibly lovable they are, just as our beloved dogs.

A strong social bond between

human and dog is the

game changer

Certified in

Dog Training, Canine First Aid, Aggression Prevention & Rehabilitation

Dog Trainer

I got certified as a dog trainer by the International Academy of Canine Trainers in Vancouver, Canada. The Academy is the only hands-on school for dog trainers registered with the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training of British Columbia.

Canine First Aid

Being able to respond to a potential canine emergency brings peace of mind to my clients and myself during my sessions and workshops. With DOGSAFE I was trained by the premier provider of canine first aid & safety education for dog professionals.

Aggression prevention

At the Dunbar Academy, I studied online and got certified in the treatment and prevention of dog aggression: fighting and biting. This profound online course did accelerate my ability to train & rehabilite dogs with common aggression & reactivity issues.

Greyhound with woman
dog with woman
Island dog
shelter dog with woman

highly sensitive person

empathy for dogs

Attuning to animals and their emotions comes naturally to me. After I had adopted Kalitu, I discovered my natural talent to communicate with dogs. However back than I didn’t know what I was doing exactly.

Over the years I’ve been progressing on my own journey of feeling. By this I mean acknowleding, experiencing, identifying, understanding, and regulating my own emotions as the most important part of the trauma resolution work I’ve been doing for several years now.

Eventually, I came to realise that I could feel a dog’s emotion in my own body. Deeply amazed by that channel of interspecies communication I tapped into,

I fully understood how I was learning dog language: I first feel a dogs emotion and then see how the dog expresses himself. This way I learned how dogs communicate with their whole body. It’s been a wonderful way to dive into canine communication.

I continue to go down that path, each dog I work with is a great teacher to me. The connection I make with dogs when feeling them deeply moves me, the degree of non-verbal communication absolutely amazes me and I am very thankful for being able to experience it. It’s been changing my whole connection to all animals and our wonderful planet. It opened up my heart for all life. And I am sure all humans can tap into this channel of interspecies communication. We’re all connected.

canine communication intuitive

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