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Frequently Asked Questions

DO you feed your dog a vegan diet?

As of now, I don’t. I’m currently studing to become a canine nutrition expert. Once I finished my studies and know what our canines need in their daily nutrition to be healthy, I will decide anew. Miku currently eats self cooked meals consisting of veggies, carbs and organic meat – organic meet from animal wellfare farms. His treats are also self-made from the same meats.

Where did you get your dog from?

At 5 weeks of age, my dog Miku was rescued by a woman in Turkey who works hand in hand with the German dog rescue organisation, Herzenssache Streuner e.V.. After many talks and checks, I adopted Miku from that organisation in the beginning of Septemeber 2021.

Whats The Fundamentals of Dog Training about?

This is my 7 weeks hands-on online program. I designed the course to empower you in training your dog yourself to make a sustainable change in your dogs behaviour. We will dive deep into the fundamental exercises and their technique and timing. I want you to become really confident in what you do to achieve the change you desire. All you need is a computer and your dog! It’s a live course and each session, you will practice with your dog.

Do you work with highly aggressive dogs?

I do work with dogs that show mild and moderate aggression towards other dogs. I do not work with dogs who have broken human skin more than once. Please reach out if you do have an aggressive dog and I openly will tell you if your case matches my level of handling aggressive dogs.

Why is it called “Kalitu” dog training?

Kalitu was the name of my very first dog who I adopted in 2015 from a shelter in Berlin. He has been the reason for me to ditch my old career and follow my heart. Read here about that story.

DOes online training worK?

Yes. Online dog training works great as we get to chat about what’s bothering you and I can observe your dog in interaction with you which allows me to come up with a training plan. The exercises you need I can demonstrate with my dog. Then it’s your turn to practice and I assist you in timing and technique. You comfortably can train your dog from home.

Why do you make 90% vegan choices and not 100%?

My dog eats organic meat. My own daily diet is vegan, rarely however I opt in for a “normal” chocolate bar or ice cream. As my dog is small and as there are great vegan sweets out there, these choices all together probably make up less than 10% of all my purchase choices.

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