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Check out some dogs I met in different parts of the world and what their humans say.

Canada & New Zealand

During my time living in stunning New Zealand and beautiful Vancouver, I was lucky to meet and work with wonderful people and their dogs.

Asia & South America

Travelling South East Asia, South America and Central America for 1.5 years, I got to care for and work with shelter and street dogs. And some happy farm dogs.


Back in Germany after many many moons, I’m happy to finally meet my online clients in person and am excited to very soon meet you!


Dax &



Bernese Mountain Dog Dax
Portuguese Water Dog Baxter
3 dogs in dog training

Abby is a strong willed girl who loves to run with her humans. Being incredibly tender at heart and a bit fearful but very brave, she displayed some aggressive behaviour towards other dogs and older people. At her very core, she is playful, gentle and adventurous.

Dax is a senior, probably the wisest dog I’ve ever met. Relaxed and at ease, he leads the pack and securely resolves conflicts often before they could fully arise. He taught me so much! His biggest passion is to sit on peoples feet in the park to give love and collect some pets.

Baxter is a senior as well, a very soft boy who does not like to be seperated from his humans. He comes out of his shell when playing ball in the park and when off leash in the woods. Also, he is the king of stealing food, determined to get it and as fast as the wind.

humans with their dogs

Sharing your life with 3 dogs comes with many beautiful aspects and heaps of dog kisses. It also comes with a lot of work and some challenges regarding meeting the needs of all dogs and navigating pack dynamics.

Over the course of our sessions, Lana and Nigel have been doing a great job in acknowledging the very different needs of their 3 dogs and providing them with individual exercise each as well as activities they all do together. They impressively grew their abilities in canine communication to effectively communicate with Baxter, Abby and Dax. It was a pleasure to see them gaining more and more insight and understanding about what’s going on between the dogs and when to intervene and help out.



We would highly recommend Angelina as a dog trainer! We have three very different dogs with different ages, breeds, personalities and needs.
After adding a young female Standard Schnauzer to our older male Bernese Mountain and Portuguese Water Dog, our pack dynamic changed. After we finally admitted we needed some outside help, we were introduced to Angelina through a mutual friend.

From the moment Angelina met our dogs it was quite obvious that she had simply amazing animal insight. It’s almost like she could “speak dog”!
She was able to quickly determine what each of our dogs needed for their individual personalities. As long time dog owners, we were shocked and somewhat embarrassed at the things we had missed. However, Angelina is a true professional and was able to give us very detailed coaching that brought our pack into balance, creating a much calmer quieter house with each member of pack now being much happier.

We used Angelina’s services for house sits, in house trainings and help-sessions. Not only did these sessions help us manage our pack dynamics better, but she also became one of ours dogs’ absolute favourite people. As Angelina, is a kind, professional and trustworthy person who is very gifted at what she does.
We can not thank her enough for helping our dog family and recommend her services most highly.

Lana & Nigel

Vancouver, Canada

Shelter dogs in Thailand

Shelter dogs are always special and working with them is beautiful and sad at the same time. Three-legged Colonel was always happy about a visit, would cuddle endlessly & burst into happyness when being taken on a walk, no matter the heat.

    shelter dog colonel
    Shelter dog Colonel
    shelter dog colonel
    Shelter dog observing
    blonde shelter dog
    Shelter puppy
    Shelter dog with skin problems
    shelter dog in thailand



    German Pinscher Rudy catching the ball
    Pinscher Rudy with dog trainer
    Dog & Chickens

    Rudy is a German Pinscher, living his best life in Matakana, New Zealand. He’s an high energy dog, highly intelligent with heaps of stamina – a beautiful and challenging combo.

    Rudy needed to learn how to relax and switch off during the day. He also needed guidance when out and about to keep his focus with his owners. Over time he progressed in loose leash walking and come when called. Certain exercise and learning new tricks helped him to feel pleasently tired.

    His dog mom Silvie learned how to read her dog’s body language when he would meet other dogs to ensure he was behaving well. Together we built up is frustration tolerance with regards to patiently waiting and relaxing in cafes and restaurants. Happily I could watch Silvie becoming more confident in “speaking dog” and providing  gentle and determined leadership for Rudy.

    Pinscher Rudy with dog mom Silvie

    I can warmly recommend Angelina as a dog trainer.
    As we got Rudy I had no idea what it meant to have a dog at all and especially a German Pinscher male. I was overwhelmed.
    Angelina taught me how to read dogs, how to observe their behavior and their body language.

    Angelina’s calmness and her naturalness with me and Rudy helped me to feel more confident. Today I know how to communicate with dogs and how to have a hell out of fun with these four-legged beings.
    Brace yourself to have a great time with your dog and Angelina as your dog trainer!


    Matakana, New Zealand



    Golden Retriever Miller
    Retriever Miller
    Goldy Miller

    Miller lives in Vancouver, Canada with his human Asheesh. These two are a great team and as such grow even stronger through working out ways to navigate Miller. The eye Miller has left unfortunately only provides 30% of vision which creates some challenges for human and dog.

    Despite of being almost blind, Miller is a confident dog who loves to lead the way and explore. Redirecting his energy towards his human Asheesh, he learned to reliably find his human when being off leash and hand-check in with him. 

    He also now receives wonderful support when meeting other dogs as for Miller, there are so many visual signals in dog/dog communication he misses out on.

    Asheesh build up his canine communication skills to provide Miller with comfort and saftey he needs when approaching other dogs.

    Asheesh and Retriever Miller

    I came to Angelina seeking help with Miller, my Golden Retriever with only one eye which unfortunately has a cataract.The first thing that struck me was Angelina’s confidence in approaching Miller’s unique situation.

    She put a lot of thought into adapting training and tailoring communication to suit Miller’s keener senses. We worked on physical check-ins and auditory cues to help him find his way and help me develop more consistent signals for him. Throughout the process she was incredibly patient with me and made what seemed intimidating quite fun.

    Angelina excels at training humans too! A big part of the training focused on helping me differentiate between play and aggression and learning how to read a dog’s emotional state.
    Previously I had been exacerbating moments for Miller by feeling uncertain and anxious if another dog were to startle him. Now I feel a lot more confident looking for body language and deciding if I need to intervene.
    I also highly recommend her daycare service. Aside from being a stimulating and exhausting field trip for your pup, it is a one on one session with a passionate dog trainer. Her ability to read dog body language is so valuable, and spending extra time with Miller really allowed Angelina to observe and develop some great ideas for our future sessions.

    Overall I was never disappointed with Angelina’s service and consistently felt she went above and beyond for Miller. She truly believes in what she does and my only critique is that she left Vancouver, Canada. Although we miss her it’s good to know she will continue to bring humans and dogs closer together elsewhere.


    Vancouver, Canada



    Black Lab sitting
    Black Lab chillin
    Happy black Labrador

    Paul lucked out this life time as he lives with David & Steffi, a young couple from Berlin. Both are super interested in dog training and already had been doing so much (!) with Paul before we started out with our online sessions.

    During our live sessions, we worked on certain techniques and the perfect timing to teach Paul to reliably pay attention to his humans, to patiently stay on his blanket when someone comes to visit, when David or Steffi leave the room or when someone rings the bell.

    Also Paul had to undergo surgery which means afterwards he needed specific exercise to tire him out without being physically very active.

    Now I happily continue my work with David & Steffi in person, who always impress me with their talent and dedication to meet Pauls needs, especially during puberty!

    Paul with Steffi and David

    Like many others, we couldn’t attend dog training school with Paul because of corona. At that time he still was an adolescent dog so training was super important and mustn’t be ignored. For us, Angelina’s offer for online training via Skype was super convenient and came at the right time.

    She perfectly managed to adjust the online training to Paul, us humans and the challenges we all were facing back then. She quickly came up with great solutions that always lead to the successful change in behaviour.
    The e-sheets Angelina sent we perceive as very helpful and, just lovingly attuned to us as human-dog-team.

    Meanwhile we’re glad to be able to book live sessions.

    We thank Angelina for her help and support und all the ideas and are looking forward to more session together.

    Steffi & David

    Berlin, Germany

    Street dogs in South America

    Street dogs are part of the picture in Peru, Bolivia and Colombia. It wasn’t possible for me to save them, there are so so many. But it was possible to spend time with them, feed them, treat them and give love.

      streetdog in Bolivia
      fluffy street pup
      street dog in Tarija
      street dog on a park bench
      Street dog in Sucre
      Street dog
      street dogs in Guatapé
      Happy street dog in Colombia

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