Wanna see change in the world?


Your choice matters.

Are animal welfare and nature protection important to you?


When we choose what creates good, we are part of the creation itself


Our decisions whom to give our money to are of utmost importance. We can choose to invest our money into businesses that then again invest their money into the green and cruelty-free industry.

compassionate economy

That way, our money creates the new, compassionate economy. We become an important part of the change we want to see in the world, we become part of the creation of good.

green dog training

It’s about making that choice to create a win-win scenario:  for ourselves and our amazing planet. In terms of holistic & empowering dog training, I am happy to offer that win-win scenario to you!


The vast majority of the money I spend for my personal lifestyle as well as my business investments  go into the cruelty-free and green industry.

Business Investments

The love I feel for dogs is the love I feel for other animals & our nature. As the reason for me to create that business in the first place, this love is also reflected in my business investments.

I am dedicated to keep growing the business through sustainable choices that meet my business needs and that also create good in the world.

Some of my business choices are:

  • 2nd hand, sustainable or re-/upcycled equipment
  • hiring people who themselves lead a vegan lifestyle
  • booking services from green, small business
  • mobile dog training via public transport
  • re-usable training plans an motivation sheets
  • neat e-handouts for all exercises
  • mostly self-made treats from plastic free, organic resources

Personal lifestyle

The living I make with training dogs and helping dog parents and owners consists of heaps of  choices to save resources and to show compassion and respect to animals.

Of course there is always more good to do in the world and I’m curious how my decisions will further develop in the future.

As of now, I am happy and content with the choices how I spend my money and about being an active part of the change we need.

  • 90% vegan: diet, cosmetics & goods
  • majority of clothes is second hand bought
  • re-usable coffee mug, straw and q-tip
  • decomposable toothbrush & floss
  • earth friendly laundry detergent, soap & shampoo
  • services & workshops from local + green businesses
  • buy organic and fair trade where possible
  • no zoos nor animal attraction shows

The mighty power of money can create a mighty good change in the world, if invested in alignment with our values of animal welfare & nature protection.

Money has great power

To whom do you give YOUR power?

We can express our values with the products we buy and services we book. We can actively choose products and services that genuinely care for animals and our planet. We can use our money power to create good. Every day.

Providing green dog training

Kalitu chooses compassion for animals. All animals.

Training dogs and working with people to help them understand their dogs, feel their dogs and live a happy life together is a heart desire of mine.

What fuels my work is my love and compassion for all animals. To me, a cow is no different from a dog. Ok, going for walks might be slightly different though.

The feeling of connection to animals is reflected in my work with dogs and people as well as in my personal and business choices. Life is about love.

90% vegan: goods, diet & other products

green personal and business investments

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Knowing we’re part of the good change in the world, let’s change your world with your dog.



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