Julia from Cologne

with 10-years-old Bernese Mountain Dog Leonie

Leonie is a happy and friendly dog but she always refused to ride in the car, even entering the garage wasn’t possible for her. I have always been very patient with her but I never managed to convince her that a car-ride is joy and fun. I chose to work with Angelina because I share her philosophy of non-violent dog training. She considers each dog as an individual and really wanted to get to know my dog before any training starts. She spent some time with Leonie alone, watched her, played with her and she took her for a walk. She also watched how Leonie and I interact and communicate with each other.

After that first phase of her training, Angelina translated all the signals Leonie gave me, that she was afraid of the car (and its strange noises) and what she needed from me, which I never understood the right way. Now I know what to pay attention to and how to respond to Leonie. After 4 weeks of training, Leonie and I sat in the trunk together, she calmed down and even slept on my lap in there. After 6 weeks of training, Leonie jumped in the car for the very first time. Since then she loves riding in the car with me. Angelina visited us several times and always supported us in every communication level. She definitely turned my Leonie into my partner.

René from Berlin

with 8-years-old Bulldog Charell

We needed a dog trainer because Charell was always a very independent dog with very good ears inside the house. But she wasn’t responsive at all in the outdoors. She pulled lead occasionally and it has been impossible to walk her off the lead. She didn’t scarper but she never came back when we called for her which caused us serious trouble a few times. Friends with a Staffy who had the same problems with their dog worked with Angelina and recommend her to us. We explained her all about Charells behavior and what we would like to change. As my wife and I both work during the day, we needed a proper training according to

that. She also took Charell for a walk and had some one-on-one time with her. Following this, we had a first training-session all together which helped us a lot to basically understand what our dog was trying to tell us. We got some homework for the first week to work on our communication skills with Charell in the first place. After that Angelina came to our house once a week (for 2 months) with each a new plan of our next training steps, which has been a perfect fit to our daily routine. We’re proud to say that it’s now our dog who comes back to us in the dog park when we call for her. And she loves it!

Josephine from Berlin

with 7-years-old Jack Russel Oscar

I love my dog, Oscar is a good dog, he walks perfectly fine on and off the lead. My problem was, that he never seemed to be tired at all. As he is a Jack Russel Terrier this is not very surprising. But he started to cry or make other noises to get my attention, which can be pretty disturbing when you take your dog to the office every day. So I exercised him even more, one hour of walking, sniffing and playing in the morning, 30 minutes during my lunch break and about 1,5 hours after work. I introduced many different toys to him, nothing helped.

It was time for a dog trainer. Angelina was really interested in Oscar’s personality, she explained to me that Oscar is physically totally fine but mentally almost unchallenged. So she taught me many different mental exercises and tricks like look at me, leave it alone, play dead, circle, be ashamed and many more. He had so much fun and learned so quickly. Angelina explained the signals of mental exhaustion to us so that I knew when a session has come to an end. He loves his daily mental training and to learn new tricks. Since than I have a happy and calm dog!

Got something to work on?

Angelina Behrendt

@ Vancouver, Canada


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