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Sep 22, 2017Food & Treats

You and your dog – you both are highly motivated to train each day to accomplish your very own goals. If your dogs flaming motivation are treats, than you gonna need plenty of them. But what to feed your dog when you train on a daily basis without fatten him or her up? Of course there are many suitable and tasty treats available in the shops like pure

dried meat. To go easy on the budget and clever on nutrition you can produce chicken treats on your own! The amount of chicken given here is calculated for a 25 kg dog – you easily can scale them according to your dogs weight. It takes just 20 minutes, saves a lot of money and you’ll have healthy treats for about 12-14 days!


What Do You Need For Chicken Treats?

  • Fresh free range chicken breast, 500-700 g
  • Knife, chopping board, pot, water, sieve
  • Small containers / small freezer bags

1. Wash & Chop

Wash the chicken with lukewarm water and blot it dry.

Chop the chicken into small pieces, remove fat and skin (you can use those appropriately for your dog’s meal). I usually buy 500-700 grams of free range chicken breast, which means for a 25 kg dog about 12-14 days of treats.

2. Boil & Drain Off

Boil the chicken in plain water for about 5 minutes, no salt or any other spices are needed! After 5 minutes, just pick one piece of chicken and test if it’s done. You want to have the chicken nicely soft, not dry at all. Soft boiled chicken is way easier to work with for our purpose. Drain the chicken in a sieve and let it cool down completely.

3. Shred, Shred, Shred

Now you just shred each chicken piece into even smaller pieces, just between thumb and pointer, it falls apart almost on its own. You want to have really tiny pieces: When rewarding your dog during the training, it’s not about the amount of food, but the taste!

4. Pack Up & Store in Fridge and Freezer

You are nearly done, just pack up the chicken treats in little containers or freezer bags to store them – keep 2 bags ready-to-use in the fridge and the rest you put in the freezer. The bags are really convenient to take on walks with you, if you train outside.

That’s all – you’re done! This is an easy, fast and money-saving opportunity to make some healthy treats for your dog on your own. You can store the chicken in the fridge for about 4 days and the freezer for a couple of months. Please take the individual circumstances of your dog (weight, height, breed and health issues) into consideration and regularly check your dog’s weight. Here is an overview of the nutritional value of 100 g of chicken breast:

Fat                                                                                                                1g

Carbs                                                                                                            0g

Protein                                                                                                         23g



Be considerate and gentle

  • Always watch your dog's reaction, his comfort dictates the pace 
  • Be on your dog's side, literally, so that he knows you have his back 
  • Keep in mind the safety guidelines of your city and neighborhoods
  • Communicate to others that you are training your puppy to ensure a considerate approach with new humans and animals

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