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Private sessions in your home & outdoors

Workshops in small groups

Online dog training

Video analysis

What I do

I figure out the root cause for your dog’s behaviour and create an individual training that fits your everyday life.

What I do

I figure out the root cause of your dog’s behaviour and create an individual training that fits your every day life.

Private dog training sessions

graphic private dog training session

We meet up in your home or outdoors and directly work on what you’re struggling with. Tailored to your specific situation, you receive advice and training that we apply and practice together.

We’re going to improve your human/canine communication skills, work on your technique + timing and grow your confidence in how to handle difficult situations.

✅ private and direct support

✅ individual advice & training


✅ re-usable training plan

✅ exercise & advice e-sheets


online anamanesis 166€;  behaviour analysis & 1st exercise: 2hrs – 166€

1 session: 1hr – 88€ | 3 sessions: 259€ | 7 sessions: 606€


dog training workshops

graphic dog training workshop

In my workshops we come together in small groups of 3-6 people with one dog each and create an uplifting group spirit .

All together you work on a specific problem, teach your dog new skills and improve your knowledge around training techniques, timing and canine communication. These are the workshops I currently offer:

✅ attention, correction & rewarding

✅ impulse control: a calmer dog

✅ canine translation: read your dog


✅ signals: sit, down, wait

✅ loose leash walking

✅ how to long leash 

Each workshop consist of 2 group session in a public place within 2 weeks.

Each workshop: 2x 60mins – 77€


reiki session for dogs

Graphic Reiki session for dogs

Reiki is an ancient japanese healing method that allows a being to connect to the universal life force energy we are all made off. This uplift in vibration is perceived as happiness, peacefulness as it allows internal physical energy to flow effortlessly.

As a Reiki Master, I offer Reiki treatments that can help dogs in various situations, especially when they are struggling with physical illness, suffer from anxiety or have experienced trauma. A Reiki treatment can help with

✅ boosting the immune system

✅ reducing pain, stress & anxiety

✅ peacefully transition into death


✅ enhancing overall wellbeing

✅ nervous system calm down

✅ recovery after surgery

1 Reiki session 45-65mins – 77€ | 3 sessions 226€ | 7 sessions 529€


Every human is a unique character. So is every dog. Hence every human-dog-team is unique and therefore needs indidvidual advice and training tailored to their very specific needs.

private online dog training

Graphic online dog training

From the comfort of your home, we meet up online for a private session. You tell me about yourself and your dog and what you’re struggling with. You receive effective private support, tailored to your specific situation and needs.

As this is a live session, I demonstrate the exercise for you. You then practice with your dog right away and I assist you with your techniqe and timing. We also work on your canine communication skills so that you become more confident in communicating with your dog.

✅ private online support

✅ individual advice & training

✅ e-training plan to stay  on track

✅ exercise & advice e-sheets

anamanesis 166€;  behaviour analysis & 1st exercise: 2hrs – 166€

Follow up session: 1hr – 88€ | 3 follow ups: 259€ | 7 follow ups: 606€


video behaviour analysis

Graphic dog training video analysis

What the heck is he doing?! Do you sometimes wonder if your dog is still fair playing or if you should intervene? Are you not sure if his behaviour towards other dogs and humans is ok? Or maybe he’s doing that one thing again and again and you’ve no idea what’s going on?

No matter the situation, record it and send it over! I analyse your video and you receive a voice-over on your video telling you what is happening, what your dog is doing and communicating. Of course, you receive advice and tipps as well.


clarity on your dog’s behaviour

✅ input and advice on what to do

✅ easy video exchange via phone

✅ quick analysis within 2 days

1 video of max 10mins 33€ | 3 videos 94€ | 7 videos 221€


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